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Phishing Readiness
CybeReady | network and application Protection

Cube Ready's Readiness platform provides comprehensive protection against phishing attacks.
Gigamon | Comprehensive security solution

Ensuring the security of the server infrastructure.
Audit and Remediation
Carbon Black | end device Protection

Real-time endpoint requests and remote patching.
Barracuda Archiving
Barracuda Networks | network and application Protection

Archiving and backing up email.
Barracuda CloudGen Firewall
Barracuda Networks | network and application Protection

Corporate network security system that combines the functions of a firewall, granular application control, and secure connection.
Barracuda Email Security Gateway
Barracuda Networks | network and application Protection

Complete protection against email threats.
Barracuda Load Balancer
Barracuda Networks | load Balancing

Solution for distributing traffic between servers.
Barracuda Web Application Firewall
Barracuda Networks | network and application Protection

Blocks an ever-expanding list of sophisticated intrusions and network attacks, and protects applications and data from threats.
Barracuda Web Security Gateway
Barracuda Networks | network and application Protection

Protection device against action of malware and analyzing the content.
Carbon Black EDR
Carbon Black | Comprehensive security solution

Leading solution in the field of Incident Response and Threat Hunting.
Citrix Endpoint Management
Citrix | mobile device Security

One-stop solution for managing mobile devices and applications and ensuring stable productivity.
Cyberbit EDR
Cyberbit | end device Protection

The only platform for stand-alone environments. Endpoint protection, response, and threat detection for organizations that are priority targets.
Cyberbit Range
Cyberbit | Comprehensive security solution

The world's best cyber attack simulation platform.
Cyberbit SOC 3D
Cyberbit | data Security

Orchestration, Automation and Response in the Information Base.
Cybonet | network and application Protection

Cybowall-a solution for quickly identifying potential vulnerabilities and active violations, managing and reporting in compliance (GDPR, PCI-DSS).
Deception Grid
TrapX Security | vulnerability Management

Deception Grid provides powerful automated protection against attacks. TrapX DeceptionGrid protects your valuable assets from multiple attacks by malicious insiders...
Endpoint Standard
Carbon Black / detection of targeted attacks

Endpoint Standard is designed to replace traditional antivirus software (AV). The solution provides maximum endpoint security with minimal administration costs.
Dassault Systemes | industrial product Design

Intelligent business modeling and planning in the enterprise.
ESET Cyber Security Pro
ESET / Comprehensive security solution

Use your Mac at full capacity with multi-level protection against malicious attacks and cross-platform threats.
ESET Endpoint Antivirus
ESET / end device Protection

Classic anti-virus protection. Using heuristic detection methods in combination with cloud technologies, ESET Endpoint Antivirus provides high-quality proactive protection against various types of threats.
ESET Endpoint Security
ESET / end device Protection

Protecting workstations with multi-level malware detection.
ESET File Security Server
ESET / network and application Protection

ESET File Security Server provides high-quality and effective protection of file servers.
ESET Gateway Security
ESET / network and application Protection

Provides high-quality and effective protection of HTTP and FTP traffic from known and previously unknown viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware.
ESET Mail Security
ESET / network and application Protection

ESET Mail Security-provides security for mail gateways through improved antivirus and anti-spam modules.
ESET Mobile Security
ESET | mobile device Security

ESET Mobile Security-on-the-go protection: prevents corporate smartphones and tablets from being infected with threats that spread via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
ESET Mobile Security for Android
ESET | mobile device Security

With ESET protection, feel free to make online purchases or download apps to your smartphone or tablet.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus
ESET / end device Protection

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a classic antivirus program that provides high-quality and reliable protection against various computer and Internet threats.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux Desktop
ESET / network and application Protection

Effective protection of a computer running the Linux operating system from malware and Internet threats. Antivirus solution for reliable protection of computers.
ESET Secure Authentication
ESET / data Security

ESET Secure Authentication - secure authentication to protect the corporate network. ESET Secure Authentication is a simple solution that provides powerful authentication for remote access to the corporate network and confidential data.
ESET Smart Security Premium
ESET / network and application Protection

Comprehensive modern protection for Internet users, including anti-Theft and information Protection using encryption.
FireEye Email Security (EX)
FireEye Inc. / Detection of targeted attacks

FireEye Email Security (EX) is a solution for protecting your organization from phishing email attacks that bypass traditional reputation and anti-spam technologies.
FireEye Endpoint Security (HX)
FireEye Inc. | Data security

The solution provides protection and monitoring of workstations inside and outside the corporate network, performs automatic search, detection, and identification of malware.
FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (AX)
FireEye Inc. | Data security

FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (AX) is a unique platform for protecting your business, providing full threat analysis and investigating the relationship of mixed attacks. AX gives you control over a powerful, customizable test environment where you can safely execute and investigate new-generation threats, such as Zero-Day and APT, which are embedded in files of various formats, email attachments, or web objects.
Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention
Forcepoint | DLP data leak Protection

Solution for monitoring and protecting against confidential information leakage (DLP).
Forcepoint Email Security
Forcepoint | data Security

The decision to ensure the security of on-premises and cloud e-mail
Forcepoint Mobile Security
Forcepoint | mobile device Security

Managing and protecting mobile devices from malware, phishing attacks, etc.
Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Forcepoint | network and application Security

The most secure and efficient corporate Firewall — with centralized management, working without interruptions and failures.
Forcepoint TRITON
Forcepoint | Comprehensive security solution

A comprehensive information security system that includes tools for protecting email, web feed, and mobile devices.
Forcepoint Web Security
Forcepoint | network and application Security

Local and cloud web security. Protecting information in the world of Web 2.0.
Gigamon GigaVUE
Gigamon | Comprehensive security solution

Gigamon processes all traffic and sends each recipient system only the one it needs, cutting off all unnecessary traffic.
Hideez Key
Hideez Technology | data Security

Hideez Key is Your daily companion when working with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Forget about entering passwords for any programs, sites, and services.
Indegy Device Integrity
Indegy | IT Security

Device Integrity is part of a complete hybrid detection solution from Integy for comprehensive protection of industrial environments. Indegy Device Integrity collects critical information for industrial environments and provides you with extensive visibility and asset management capabilities.
McAfee Complete Data Protection
McAfee / data Security

A comprehensive network endpoint encryption system that protects business data with a combination of powerful encryption technologies.
McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection
McAfee / end device Protection

Provides deep protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, as well as mobile devices, from the full range of threats, from zero-day vulnerabilities to hacker attacks.
McAfee Security-as-a-Service
McAfee | network and application Security

Provides comprehensive protection for endpoints, email, web traffic, and the network, using the power of cloud data processing to save time and labor.
McAfee / data Security

A high-performance, powerful security and event management system that combines data about events, threats, and risks.
Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner
Netsparker | vulnerability Management

Designed for detecting web vulnerabilities and errors in web server settings, searching for XSS vulnerabilities, and performing SQL injections.
PineApp Mail Secure
Cybonet | end device Protection

PineApp Mail Secure-neutralizes advanced threats with a multi-layer anti-spam and anti-virus system, enforced user policies, automatic virus updates, and easy-to-deploy solution modules.
Privileged Session Management Suite (PSM)
Cyber Ark Software | Managing access to information systems

A solution for controlling and managing the company's security policy.
Privileged Identity Management Suite (PIM)
CyberArk Software | Managing access to information systems

A solution for organizing access to critical systems, devices, and accounts.
PORTNOX | end device Protection

Portnox CORE is a software platform for network access management (NAM) that allows you easily and effectively to solve tasks related to ensuring compliance with corporate security standards.
Rapid7 Metasploit
Rapid7 | vulnerability Management

A threat penetration testing solution that allows you to evaluate risks and measures to eliminate them in order to prevent data leaks and their consequences.
Rapid7 insightIDR
Rapid7 | IT Security

Achieve more with InsightIDR. This is the only comprehensive detection and investigation solution that allows you to identify violations as they occur and complete the analysis before the situation gets out of control.
Rapid7 App Spider
Rapid7 | vulnerability Management

Scans web applications for vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for recovery tools.
Secure Site Pro SSL
DigiCert | network and application Protection

The website security solution includes 128-bit encryption, Norton Secured printing, and vulnerability assessment and website scanning tools.
SCADA Shield
Cyberbit | Comprehensive security solution

SCADAShield is the only solution for protecting all types of network segments from attacks, including OT and IT components.
Rapid7 Nexpose
Rapid7 | vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management system that proactively scans the IT infrastructure for incorrect configurations, weaknesses, and malware.
Secure Site Wildcard SSL
DigiCert | network and application Protection

A solution for protecting the transfer of sensitive data in multiple subdomains of the same domain on your server.
Secure site SSL
DigiCert | network and application Protection

Protects sensitive data when it is transmitted on websites, on an internal or external network.
Secure Site Pro c EV
DigiCert | network and application Protection

The website security solution supports Extended Validation (EV), green address bar, and Norton Secured printing.
Secure Site c EV
DigiCert | network and application Protection

Solution to ensure the security of the web site also provides the Norton Secured seal.
SecureSphere Data Security
Imperva | data Security

SecureSphere covers all aspects of database security and compliance with regulatory requirements.
SecureSphere Web Application Firewall
Imperva | IT Security

SecureSphere Web Application Firewall analyzes all user access to critical applications for your business and protects your applications and data.
Security Controls
Ivanti | network and application Protection

Patching, privilege management, and application whitelist: important security features.
Sensitive Information Management Suite (SIM)
CyberArk Software | Managing access to information systems

A solution for storing and transmitting confidential information.
Dassault Systemes | industrial product Design

Multiphysical modeling of engineering calculations and virtual testing of products.
Treat Hunter
Carbon Black | end device Protection

Cloud-based solution for advanced threat detection and incident response.
SNYPR Security Data Lake
Securonix | data Security

Meaningful security information with quick search and elegant visualization.
SNYPR Security Analytics Platform
Securonix | data Security

SNYPR is a new generation of security Analytics platform that transforms big data into reliable security tools.
Rapid7 | vulnerability Management

One of the most effective solutions for detecting and investigating attacks on users.
Unified Endpoint Manager
Ivanti | end device Protection

Too many devices? Don't worry, with Unified Endpoint Manager everything is under control.
UEBA Bolt 6.0
Securonix | data Security

Specifically designed to quickly detect any threats anywhere, using machine learning and behavior analysis tools that analyze and cross-correlate all interactions between users, systems, and data to detect internal threats, cyber threats, fraud, cloud data compromise, and system inconsistencies.
Network solution
Citrix / load Balancing

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are the new norms for network solutions. Go beyond traditional network solutions choosing a secure digital perimeter.
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